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We hope and believe that the magazine you hold in your hand will guide and inspire you to a rewarding meeting with Nynäshamn , the surroundings and its archipelago. We are happy to receive suggestions on content as well as your views on the magazine. We are happy to accept freelance material, but we cannot take responsibility for material that has not been ordered.

Please contact us first. The magazine is also available at www. Source: Eniro. This not only makes Nynäshamn the sunniest in the County of Stockholm, but also puts it among the absolute elite in Sweden together with, for example, Gotland. It was the start of the building of the railway that year that cleared the way for what was to be the starting shot for several industries in the municipality as well as a spa resort on the Island of Trehörningen — a spa resort that lay fallow for decades until it rose from the ashes to become a modern spa resort in The first big boom in terms of the population trend was when the railway connected Stockholm to Nynäshamn.

The number of inhabitants in what was then called the Parish of Ösmo increased from to in 10 years. The tele-workshops were then established in the s. These workshops would later take on a new guise under the management of Telia and finally Ericsson, which closed down its factories here a couple of years ago. The number of inhabitants in the Municipality of Nynäshamn has recently passed 26, The building of new dwellings is flourishing and many believe the new motorway from Stockholm and the expansion of double tracks for the commuter train will have almost as great an impact on Nynäshamn as the railway had more than years ago.

With the deepwater harbour, which is easily accessible by big vessels, large quantities of goods are loaded and unloaded here. There is also a busy passenger service, especially in summer when a million people visit the Island of Gotland. You can also cross the Baltic from Nynäshamn. Polferries will take you to Gdansk in Poland and Scandlines goes to Ventspils in Latvia, and if you would like to travel to the desolate and maybe most beautiful sandy beaches in Northern Europe, take the boat to Gotska Sandön. Waxholmsbolaget operates regular services all the year round including to Landsort, Nåttarö, Ålö and Rånö.

If you would like to go to Trosa, a local operator runs services in the summer. There are also archipelago cruises, including through the dramatic Draget Canal. The winter climate around Stockholm, with a temperature around freezing, provides ideal conditions for ice.

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As well as all the bays, the lakes also offer excellent conditions. You can almost always find good skating ice from December to March. For more info and all inclusive arrangements see www. We have some absolute favourites.

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Muskan is a lake that usually keeps a comfortable temperature, by Scandinavian standards, but it is the seaside resorts that attract most swimmers. One of the most beautiful, popular and really wild places to swim with an unbroken horizon is out on Knappelskär by Lövhagen. The temperature, however, is, to put it mildly, moderate. The warmest place is usually in Rassa Vikar by Kärringboda. The unique environment in the brackish water of the Baltic Sea means that the shipworm, which is fatal to wooden boats, cannot survive here. Many organisers arrange dives to the best wrecks.

More info: www. If you like to see and, even more, be seen, Havstrappan is the place — easy to put in at and the perfect place to mingle, with ice cream, smoked fish, sea food and fast food. We can mention, for example, that the record weights in kilos for the guided tours currently stand at: Pike Most of the catch is put back. The picture shows Hasse Skoglund with a salmon of almost 22 kilos. For more info, see www. Yes, some even claim that smoking is an older way of preserving meat and fish than salting. Today, smoking is more about enhancing the taste experience. At Nynäs Rökeri, you will find everything from smoked eel to smoked Baltic herring.

Two other favourites are smoked prawns and locally caught whitefish smoked here — just perfect for a picnic on the quay. TradiTional cake Sorunda has big farms with a thousand years of history and the area abounds with ancient remains, not least from the Viking Age approx to , ie, late Iron Age. The Sorunda cake is still baked here to this day. The cake recipe is so secret that an 00 agent would have to take the life of anyone he told. Out of consideration for our readers, we will not disclose any m a g a s i n Nynäshamn ingredients other than butter and sugar, but we can disclose that it tastes like no other cake and that your best chance of a taste is at Sorunda Hembygdsförening.

The cake is also available to buy at Ösmo Plantshop, Växtstigen 1, by Ösmo junction. Brewed By ÅngBryggerieT The editorial staff fell for several of the dozen or so different beers produced by Nynäshamn s Ångbryggeri, but as the lager lovers we are, our first recommendation is Landsort Lager. Luxurious and delicious. And most likely good for your well being, by all means. SauSage lengThwiSe At Segersängsvägen 10 in Sorunda you will find something as unusual as a real sausage factory that makes something as unusual as real, hand-tied sausages.

The Sorunda sausages were previously found mostly at restaurants, but they are now also available in many shops in the Municipality of Nynäshamn.

The sausages are sold in shops from Nyköping in the south to Norrtälje in the north. The bestsellers are primarily Sorundaringen, a lightly smoked and boiled sausage, and the Chorizo, a lovely sausage with just the right amount of heat. Real, well-hung, handmade cured meats and many local and organic products such as fresh eggs and potatoes from Sorunda. SpiceS and jam The spice mixture Skärgårdssalt is almost a classic, but we would also like to recommend the super-fresh jam Skärgårdssylt raspberry, blackberry, strawberry and blueberry.

Depending on your level of ambition, different sights attract different people. We have put together a collection of some of the most popular places to visit in the municipality. Here the archipelago is at its most barren, least exploited and most beautiful. You cannot go further out. Landsort offers several options for overnight accommodation as well as a restaurant and simple cafés.

Boat trips depart daily all the year round.

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For more info visit www. And if you follow the old road between Djursnäs and Vansta, you will see several interesting rune stones and grave fields. The area was very densely populated during the Iron Age.

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The rune stones were raised around the year , ie, during what is usually called the Viking Age, and are often located in connection to roads and fords. Although the stones were often raised in memory of someone, they are not really gravestones. Sorunda Church is one of the biggest churches in Södermanland. The oldest parts of the stone church date from the end of the 12th century. The church has the oldest noble crypt in Sweden and a Madonna cabinet from the late 15th century.

Ösmo also has a stunning church dating from the 12th century. Inside, the church is decorated with frescos that were added just after the midth century. The paintings are said to be by Peter Målare and his disciple Albertus Pictor, the most famous church painter of the Middle Ages. More recent research, however, has established that Peter Målare did not really exist so to speak. It must therefore have been Alber tus Pictor alone who produced the paintings in Ösmo Church, and that is not to be sneered at.

The plant shop is one of only a few places in the municipality where you can enjoy a coffee and the legendary local delicacy Sorundatårtan cake. It also serves lunch. A nicer spA Although it is now an ultramodern spa resort, it has a long history dating back no less than a hundred years.

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At the start of the 20th century, Nynäshamn invested in a spa resort. The resort, Nynäs Havsbad, was built, attracting prominent guests who wanted health baths at the spa.

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The most beautiful skerry Knappelskär is the last mainland promontory at the end of Gårdsfjärden to the south. There is a spectacular, to say the least, fissure cave to discover as well as two fantastic beaches. There are also two barbecue areas at the end where the beaches meet the great cliff. The walk around Lövhagen Nature Reserve via Bötet and Stockbonäs where the wakeboard club meets does of course also include this beautiful peninsula. With the now closed cement factory, the grounds around the limestone quarry in Stora Vika were opened up to exotic flora and fauna.

The calcareous ground combined with the open landscape has attracted a range of unusual life. There is also beaver, common newt and much else to see when it comes to animals and plants. The limestone quarry is a sight in its own right and an added bonus. This law gives you the right to enjoy nature, also on privately owned land. You can even camp for up to three nights without special permission just about anywhere, provided you do so outside private home zones, which usually cover approximately a normal garden or the area within sight of a residential property or other place where a person resides.

You may of course not pick cultivated flowers, crops or fruit, though you can take berries and mushrooms. Nor can you build a fire anyhow, litter or damage nature in any way. Kayaks are available for hire in many places in the municipality.