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Det var en kul fråga. Jag föll för en kille. Han var charmig, intressant och såg bra ut. Han tog mitt telefonnummer. Men jag gråter inte floder i fall han inte hör av sig. Namn: Lisa Öman.

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Ålder: Gör: Studerar till barnmorska. Bor: Globen, Stockholm. Vi använder cookies för att förbättra funktionaliteten på våra sajter, för att kunna rikta relevant innehåll och annonser till dig och för att vi ska kunna säkerställa att tjänsterna fungerar som de ska. Läs mer! Annons Stäng X. Lisa trodde att det skulle vara bottenskrapet som gick på speeddating men fick en trevlig överraskning.

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Publicerad: 18 jul , kl Uppdaterad: 18 jul , kl Vad hade du för förväntningar? Vad hade du för fördomar? The arena offers which provide a framework for there is also a mural painted by a wide programme of events, the various chapels and cremato- Sven Erixson. The Hill of bands from around the world.

Meditation lies to the west. At the age of 17 she joined the theatre academy of Dramaten and made her film debut in Peter the Tramp. The following year she moved to Hollywood, where she soon became the reigning star. Garbo appeared in 24 films, including Anna Karenina and Camille She never married and lived a solitary life until her death in Key Drottningholm The unique Baroque and Rococo environment of Drottningholm — its palace, theatre, park and Chinese Pavilion — have been perfectly preserved.

This royal palace emerged in its present form towards the end of the 17th century, and was one of the most lavish buildings of its era.

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Contemporary Italian and French architecture inspired Tessin the Elder —81 in his design, which was also intended to glorify royal power. Baroque Garden The Royal Family uses parts of the palace as their private The bronze statue of Hercules s by the Dutch Renaissance sculptor residence. Textiles for the walls and Hårleman in the s. Closed 14—30 Dec. The complex is situated on the shores of Lake Mälaren, surrounded by Baroque and Rococo gardens, and lush English-style parkland.

In summer the theatre stages opera and ballet. The Oscar Room was Stockholm refurbished by Oscar I — and is adorned by a tapestry dating from the s.

This floor finishes with the Upper South Bodyguard audiences in the Ehrenstrahl Room, an ante-room to the The Palace Apartments Salon, named after the artist State Room and lavishly The first thing that meets the whose paintings dominate the decorated by the Carove eye on entering the apartments walls. More prominent guests stucco artists and the ceiling is a Baroque corridor with a were received in the State painter Johan Sylvius.

Her Meissen The Chinese Pavilion dominated by the staircase, porcelain can be seen in On her 33rd birthday in crowned by a lantern the Blue Cabinet; the Queen Lovisa Ulrika was given with ceiling paintings Library has her a Chinese pavilion by her by Ehrenstrahl.


There collection of more husband, King Adolf Fredrik. Marble statues Room, with a ceiling by Drottningholm and assembled of the nine muses Medallion symbol izing Johan Sylvius, is a a short distance from the and their protector, life and death Gustavian drawing palace. It had to be taken down Apollo, are placed at room with a bureau after 10 years because rot had the corners of the balustrades. This is the beginning of in the Neo-Classical style.

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Queen Hedvig linking the two floors. Fredriksborg Castle At this time there was great in Denmark in European interest in all things The avenues of chest­ Chinese. In the newly nut trees were laid out formed East India Company when the Chinese made its first journey to China. The a cross between the Drottningholm Court Theatre Chinese Pavilion is a mixture of formal main garden and what was considered years the freer composition of the have the same resources ago to be typical English park.

This simple wooden with artifacts from has natural paths building with a plaster façade China and Japan. Gustav III of simple functionality. The the help of a is reputed to have pilasters, for example, are inventory. In buildings. Not all his hand­driven machinery, is the northeastern plans were realized, still in working order. Chinese Pavilion had bought during the s, when the machinery Alongside is the his travels in Italy.

The food avenues flanking the Baroque The scenery is adapted to was prepared in the basement, garden as early as It can be the floor opened and the dining changed in just a few seconds table hauled up. It now houses a Pavilion, Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz, box filled with stones creates museum about the estate. The Palace Park from The theatre is open provide a unified whole. The daily for visitors to the palace. The bar serves stimulate all senses with sights, champagne and has beautiful sounds and smells. It starts by views of the English garden. The water parterre is Other sites on the palace situated on slightly higher grounds include a royal chapel, ground and is broken up with which was inaugurated in waterfalls and topiaries.

But the majority of the Stockholm Stavsnäs archipelago islands, with their traditional wooden houses, cosy hotels and youth hostels, and summer sailing regattas, can be reached by an extensive network of scheduled ferries departing from Stockholm, Vaxholm, Stavsnäs and Dalarö. Tel 01 Strömkajen and Nybrokajen. The main island, reached by boat from approach to Vaxholm Stora Fjäderholmen, is only Stockholm on a delightful one- 25 minutes by boat from hour journey through the Cyrillus Johansson, and the Nybrokajen or Slussen.

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Vaxholm Fortress, hotel on the headland, by There was an inn here as long on the nearby island of Erik Lallerstedt , has ago as the s, conveniently Vaxholmen, guards this busy Jugendstil ornamentation. First fortified in by The wooden buildings and the city to sell their wares. Today Gustav Vasa, the more recent shops around the square and there is an attractive harbour, 19th-century citadel houses a along Hamngatan provide a restaurants, an art gallery and military museum. The law 30 km 19 miles E of Stockholm. Local handi crafts g from Strömkajen and Nybrokajen. The other one and a half hours by boat three islands have from the city.

The architect Ernst remain ing gas- Stenhammar, who designed powered The Fjäderholmarna islands, a popular summer excursion the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm lighthouse. Nynäshamn and restaurant with guest 50 km 31 miles E of Stockholm. There are chalets to Tel Boats can be hired. The Royal Swedish has as rich a history as Utö, jen and Nybrokajen. In the 12th century Finnhamn on their way to and Restaurant , and every summer the islanders started to mine from Stockholm.

Their story is told in a half hours by boat from Gotland Race. A windmill, built islands. As on Grinda, the main swimming pool. About in , provides an unrivalled island has a wooden villa people live here permanently. Today it is the largest , is a listed heritage resorts in the Stockholm area, youth hostel in the archipelago. Smaller Sehlstedt — A range of accommodation islands nearby are accessible Although camping is not options is available. Bicycles, by rowing boat. There renowned for its delicious 50 km 31 miles E of Stockholm.

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Both in the archipelago and on Lake Mälaren visitors can corner of the archipelago. Now still enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of a steamboat voyage. Instead, the northern archipelago. Some picturesque harbours attract the routes, for example Stockholm— sailing fraternity in particular. Mariefred, are operated partly or completely by steamers. Most Nature reserves on and around of the other passenger boats Möja shelter a rich abundance from the early 20th century of wildlife. In Norrland the landscape is characterized by its proximity to the Arctic, with mountains in the west, rivers running east towards Gällivare Pajala the coast, and an interior of forest or marshland.

With the exception of the larger towns along the coast, the area is Jokkmokk sparsely populated. In Svealand the countryside is hilly, with lakes and rivers interspersed with farmland. Island Arjeplog archipelagos lie offshore. The population is concentrated Boden Haparanda in Mälardalen, centring on Stockholm. Götaland, The Mountains of Härjedalen are a Luleå comprising the southern part of the country, offers haven for outdoor activities in both Arvidsjaur the most variation with differing landscapes and a summer and winter see pp—5.

Piteå high urban and rural population. It melts in the spring each year and is Gulf of recreated in November see p This is a land of verdant islands and glittering bays, splendid castles and little wooden towns, and a cultural heritage that predates the Vikings. This area was the cradle of ancient Svea, Middle Ages, but the most important, as can be seen in the rock carvings, burial such as Skokloster, are the result of the mounds and standing stones in the great wealth which flooded into the shapes of ships that dot the landscape.

Shipping brought further that the Vikings headed east on prosperity to the region, with centres plundering raids and trading missions such as Arboga lying on the iron route around Europe and beyond see p There are well- in Uppsala held out against Christianity preserved ironworks in all three provinces, until the 12th century.

The extensive archipelago straddles the They are richly decorated with paintings coasts of Uppland and Södermanland, depicting biblical scenes for the benefit and Lake Mälaren itself is so full of islands of the local congregations. Uppsala itself that the archipelago appears to became a cathedral city and the seat of continue uninterrupted.

All the architectural sights and natural The many castles and fortresses which attractions of Eastern Svealand are best guard the waterways are an eye-catching enjoyed at a slow pace by bicycle or sight. Several of these date back to the boat, or on foot.